Computer and phone wiring.

With technology ever advancing it's important these days to have your office or home properly wired out. This includes using Ethernet cable (either Cat 6 or Cat5e) with RJ45 outlets for computer, and phone systems, that enables flexibility, and security, with high speed capabilities, as a lot more data will be streaming down computer cabling including, Voip (voice of Internet protocol) IP television, security CCTV systems, and Internet data. By giving Enhance a call we'll make sure that your home and or office is equipped for the future with RJ45 wiring.

In a larger office situations, or situations with large data flows, Fibre optic cable will be required. Enhance has the capabilities to install this cable ensuring that the fibre optics remain at a premium grade, meaning the ethernet system will operate at maximum efficiency.

We can also supply Grand stream Voip systems similar to the Shortel PBX system. However more cost effective, and can cover everything from the home and small business to the large corporations.


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