Television Reception & Systems

Are you looking to install a Freeview NZ TV, Satellite or UHF Aerial?

Television reception & systems.

Are you looking to install a Freeview NZ TV, satellite or an UHF Aerial? We are here to help!

We go the extra mile, and can tune in your TV decoder, install large satellite dishes for foreign or special interest TV, and distribute your TV or DVD signals around your complex. We work with clients both in 'town' and rurally, and can help you get the TV signal that you desire. 

The process starts with a site visit, where we evaluate whether or not we can see a TV transmitter. This is more commonly required in rural areas, and allows us to evaluate whether or not an aerial will allow you to gain access to Freeview TV in HD, or whether a satellite dish will be required. 

A TV aerial for most installations will be our preferred option due to the picture quality transmission, and that most TV's available today have a digital tv nz tuner on board. However where a Satellite dish is needed, then a Freeview box will also be needed. 

We also install FM antenna's so if you're having issues with radio reception and want great sounding radio, then by installing an fm aerial on the roof of your house will achieve the desired results.

We cater for all types of industries - hotels, motels, apartment buildings, rest homes, schools, factories, and homes in the Waikato, and Bay of Plenty regions.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us, then please do call us.


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