Why Choose us?

Why choose us above anyone else?
What makes us different? We've come up with this list of qualities that we believe makes us different, however If you are a client of ours, or know who we are, and can think of some more, then please send us an e-mail. We would love to know!

Integrity. What we say is what we do. If the plan changes we let our clients know, and 90% of the time its in consultation with them!

Honesty. We are honest with you and ourselves.

Respect. Being respectful of others and there opinions counts! Sometimes our clients come up with better ideas then what we do!

Accountability. We are always accountable to our clients, family and peers.

Quality of Work. If we constantly strive to have the product installed in the best way possible, technically and aesthetically

Quality of Product. We want you to have the best product that fits your budget. That way it will help in make the whole system last as long as it possibly can

Knowledge. We believe in being trained by the best to give you the very best that we can. We have gone to great lengths in doing this that has quite a few times caused us to take a trip overseas. If we don't have an answer to your query, more often than not we know someone who does.

Friendship. We usually end up forming a great friendship with out clients, that continues to last. If we hear that they have gone to someone else, we actually experience an amount of grief!

Outside the box thinking. We are a creative bunch, mixed with a great product knowledge often leads to solutions that others have said was not possible. This has happened numerous times, and we love to see the smile on our clients faces when they see there project complete!

Smiling. We like to smile and brighten up your day!

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